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Social Science Bites

Social Science Bites is a podcast series worth bookmarking. Hosted by David Edmonds, the podcast series is a feast for the ears, and a nice break away from engaging with academic research through research articles alone. Here, you have academics sharing insights from their research, and in the process the research comes alive. There is …

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Alternative eating and low-carb diets

When it comes to alternative eating and low-carb diets, what is the appeal of alternative diets? When it comes to low-carb diets, stories from those adhering to the diets suggest there is more to the story than calorie counting. Some are drawn to low-carb diets for a variety of reasons, including self-care. Check out the …

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Fast-food marketing: The hamburger 

Moral Entrepreneurialism for the Hamburger: Strategies for Marketing a Contested Fast Food Peer-reviewed research by: Natália Otto, Josée Johnston, and Shyon Baumann What’s behind fast-food marketing, and is it really all that morally suspect? This article explores the campaigns of three fast-food chains, and draws out the strategies used to entice customers and curb social …

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On Canada’s commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

How is Canada doing when it comes to meeting global standards set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Peer-reviewed research:  Dr Tracy Smith-Carrier and Jacqueline On In 2021, Canada launched its Canadian Indicator Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals. In this article, the author’s show how Canada has committed to no more than ‘business as …

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High costs of the gluten-free diet

There are physical, emotional, and financial implications to going gluten-free. While a diagnosis of Celiac disease, followed by strict adherence to the gluten-free diet, aims to improve physical health, gluten-free living comes with some hidden (and some not-so-hidden) costs. There is a significant financial cost to managing and maintaining a strict gluten-free diet; the gluten-free …

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