One syringe (needle) against a pink background. Inside the syringe are what look like coffee beans.

On the rise of non-surgical cosmetic procedures 

Tweakments: Non-surgical beauty technologies and future directions for the sociology of the body Peer-reviewed research by: Dr Anna Dowrick and Dr Ruth Holliday While social pressures to conform to “beauty” standards can be felt throughout life, they can also be gendered and racialized. Where surgical procedures were once the main options for those looking to …

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Pink neon sign in the shape of four separate letters spelling the word love. The sign is lit up and the background is dark.

Love & social inequality

Love in the space–time of inequality: Attachment and detachment across unequal lives Peer-reviewed research by: Dr Samuel Strong This article highlights how understandings related to inequality are often understood through charts and graphs, and how as a result, solutions also often come in the form of more charts and graphs. And while that may make …

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High costs of the gluten-free diet

There are physical, emotional, and financial implications to going gluten-free. While a diagnosis of Celiac disease, followed by strict adherence to the gluten-free diet, aims to improve physical health, gluten-free living comes with some hidden (and some not-so-hidden) costs. There is a significant financial cost to managing and maintaining a strict gluten-free diet; the gluten-free …

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