Digital Resource Library

There are loads of really cool resources out there. Here are just a handful, in no particular order.

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365 Black Canadian Curriculum

The 365 Black Canadian Curriculum is a project by the ETFO which offers English and French-language worksheets and materials, including a Black Canadian Calendar, celebrating the achievements of Black Canadians. This is a project designed for elementary school teachers, to help them embed Black Canadian history into classrooms:

“With this resource, educators will have historically factual information to support the learning of issues concerning race and discrimination, while ensuring safe learning environments for students to discuss these topics in a respectful and reflective manner, while also exploring the realities of Black Canadians.”

ETFO, on the role of the 365 Black Canadian Curriculum initiative.

Global Social Theory

Global Social Theory is an epic project, organized by Dr Gurminder K Bhambra. You can search the website by concept (like, Orientalism), thinker (like Paulo Freire), or topic (like Critical Race Theory). The project also has curated resources as well as different suggested reading lists for teaching.

“This site is intended as a free resource for students, teachers, academics, and others interested in social theory and wishing to understand it in global perspective.”

Global Social Theory, About

Native Land Digital

Native Land Digital is an incredible resource. Explore on our own, and share with friends, family, students and colleagues. There are also teaching resources, for classrooms of all ages.

Native Land brings about discussions of colonization, land rights, language, and Indigenous history tied to our personal
histories. We hope this guide makes you, the reader, want to know about the land you live on.

Teachers Guide 2019, Native Land (Page 4)

Anthropology for Kids

A project from Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber, Anthropology for Kids delivers important content in an accessible way to a wide-ranging audience. An awesome collection of resources.

“Anthropology For Kids was invented to share the knowledge and opinions between experts and non-experts about the diversity of human life in the past, today, and tomorrow. The project provides (self-)educational materials, participatory frameworks and non-hierarchical production of knowledge and shared understanding that is designed to be accessible to people – children, their parents, and anybody else – from all backgrounds.” 

Anthropology for Kids