Fashion Fictions

Can we extend and suspend our understandings of the social worlds around us to imagine something different? How can fashion work as a tool to unlock new imaginaries–away from the current realities of social and environmental exploitation under the logic of global capitalism?  Enter Fashion Fictions.

Fashion Fictions

A project from Amy Twigger Holroyd, explores just that. Asking participants to imagine new worlds, Fashion Fictions weaves together a multiverse of alternative worlds. 

For Amy, the ethos of this project is about ‘collective imagination’: everyone’s an expert in fashion and clothing, “because they get dressed everyday and manage to navigate the world” (Amy Twigger Holroyd, Fashion Fictions: Unreasonable Dreaming, 14:55).

With over 200 new worlds to explore, the project website is full of resources to help challenge conventional thinking. You are even invited to contribute a world

Recently, Amy hosted an evening of conversation about the project in Nottingham, UK, 19 April 2023, and you can watch the video below, and on the Fashion Fictions website. 

“Unreasonable Dreaming was an evening of conversations about the Fashion Fictions project and post-growth fashion worlds, with Fashion Fictions founder Amy Twigger Holroyd and guests Kate Fletcher and Annebella Pollen.”

Make sure to visit the project website to learn more!

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