A clothing rack with two metal hangers, one holding a dark grey sleeveless shirt. The rack sits against a blank white wall.

Politics of Patents

Politics of Patents (POP): Re-imagining citizenship via clothing inventions 1820-2020 is a powerful project that explored tensions related to clothing and citizenship. The Politics of Patents project asks the following questions: – What can clothing inventions tell us about citizenship?– How have clothing inventors attempted to change the world stitch by stitch?– What kinds of …

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Fashion Fictions

Can we extend and suspend our understandings of the social worlds around us to imagine something different? How can fashion work as a tool to unlock new imaginaries–away from the current realities of social and environmental exploitation under the logic of global capitalism?  Enter Fashion Fictions. Fashion Fictions A project from Amy Twigger Holroyd, explores just …

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A photo of a microphone, which looks like it would be used in a studio environment.

social science Bites

Social Science Bites is a podcast series worth bookmarking. Hosted by David Edmonds, the podcast series is a feast for the ears, and a nice break away from engaging with academic research through research articles alone. Here, you have academics sharing insights from their research, and in the process the research comes alive. There is …

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Photo of a bouquet of flowers, white and soft pink petals - I think peonies.

Redressing Weddings

Redressing Weddings: Clothing and LGBTQ+ and Feminist Marriers is a podcast series based on research from Ilya Parkins & Kenya Gutteridge. “Redressing Weddings explores the complex and creative ways that queer, trans, and feminist folks think about, acquire, and experience wedding attire. We talk to thoughtful people about everything from suits and gowns to how …

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