A photograph of a baby's feet, being held by a single hand. The baby's feet and ankles are exposed but the rest of the baby is covered by a soft gray/blue blanket. There is light shining on the feet, but the rest of the photo is dark. It feels quiet like a quiet moment.

Becoming a Mother During COVID-19

Adjustments in Performing Motherhood Peer-reviewed research by: Dr Clémence Jullien and Dr Roger Jeffery Motherhood comes with a constellation of social pressures that can impact wellbeing at the best of times, but during COVID-19? That’s a different game. What happens when women experience motherhood in ways that differ from what they had imagined? This research looks …

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A baby blue medical face mask folded over Pantone colour card, so that it looks like the mask is the latest colour in fashion.

Garment worker rights & fashion’s response to COVID-19

Inequalities across fashion sector highlighted through COVID-19 Peer-reviewed research by: Dr Taylor Brydges and Dr Mary Hanlon The global fashion and apparel industry is unequal by design, with asymmetrical power dynamics impacting garment worker wages and supports. What impact did COVID-19 have on the global fashion and apparel industry? How did international companies and brands …

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COVID-19 & sustainable fashion?

COVID-19 & Sustainable Fashion? COVID-19 has had a massive impact on global supply chains, and the fashion industry is no exception. In this article, the author’s unpack key tensions to consider whether COVID-19 has worked as a wake-up call for the global sector. Here’s the abstract: Will COVID-19 support the transition to a more sustainable …

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COVID-19 & children’s rights in Scotland

COVID-19 saw widescale disruptions to the social, cultural, political and economic fabric of everyday life for countless individuals the world over. New research from MacLachlan, McMellon and Inchley (2022) draw attention to the toll the pandemic has played on children’s rights, in the context of mental health. There is a need to shift away from …

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