Connected Sociologies

Sociology has a tendency to feature and amplify European and Western ideas and perspectives, both in a historical sense but also when it comes to more contemporary analysis. This is not only problematic, it’s also inaccurate. 

Connected Sociologies adjusts the frame, drawing on postcolonial studies and decoloniality.

Connected Sociologies, by Gurminder K. Bhambra

From the last paragraphs of the introductory chapter, to entice to you into engaging with the book: 

The point I shall be making throughout is not simply that there is a series of alternative histories to be acknowledged, but that in doing so, what is involved is a reformed understanding of the processes represented within dominant histories. To the extent that the latter reinforce particular sets of concepts as central to the understanding of modernity, this will also involve a displacement and reformulation of those concepts. ‘Connected sociologies’, I suggest, are not simply articulations of different narratives, but are the means of understanding sociology and its tasks differently, an endeavour which is pressing in the light of the global issues that confront us.

Gurminder K. Bhambra, Connected Sociologies, page 16

Connected Sociologies is available to read for free (online or via download) thanks to an open-access Creative Commons license – check it out here.

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