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Social Science Bites

A photo of a microphone, which looks like it would be used in a studio environment.

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

Social Science Bites is a podcast series worth bookmarking. Hosted by David Edmonds, the podcast series is a feast for the ears, and a nice break away from engaging with academic research through research articles alone. Here, you have academics sharing insights from their research, and in the process the research comes alive. There is some magic in pulling back the curtain, and hearing directly from the academic authors themselves.

“The social world is a world we create, that we all have in common. In this illuminating podcast series, leading social scientists share their perspectives on how our social world is created, and how social science can help us understand people and how they behave. “

Although it would be impossible to select a favourite, the interview with Sam Freidman on the ‘class ceiling is a great one to jump into.

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